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Guinea Bissau, West Africa
February 2008

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Dawn at what is left of the presidential palace, after the civil war, Bissau.

Fish market at Porto Rampa, Bissau.

There is no shortage of fish, of all shapes, sizes, and smells.

A family at the fish market.

Fish market thugs. I mean, helpers. I did get my green jacket back.

A canoa (or pirogue in Francophone lands), the main method of transport to the Bijagos Archipelago.

Sunset over Ilha de Rubane.

A common chore, fetching water; Ilha de Canhabaque.

Village pals, Ilha de Canhabaque.

A digital camera provides a cultural and linguistic bridge; Ilha de Canhabaque.

Yes, it's rat again for dinner; Ilha de Canhabaque.

Dawn at Bubaque Town, Ilha de Bubaque.

A fishing canoa, Ilha de Bubaque.

A small puff adder (called a "tutu" locally), probably too small to give a fatal bite; Ilha de Bubaque.

No one sunbathes on the lovely beaches except the cattle; Praia Bruce, Ilha de Bubaque.

Village children; Bubaque Town, Ilha de Bubaque.

A heartbreaker in the making; Bubaque Town.

A girl dressed for carnival and her doting uncle. Bubaque Town.

Carnival dancers with nontraditional shirts, Ilha de Bubaque.

Traditional dancers's garb and the village queen at Carnival, Bubaque.

Colorful masks are judged at Carnival; Bubaque.

A mask-bearer at the judge's table, Bubaque.

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