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Guinea, West Africa
February 2008

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Welcome to Guinea. Do not step on the mines. Border crossing near Sareboido.

Manually powered ferry crossing, near Seriba.

Karate boys, near Dalaba, in the Fouta Djalon highlands in Central Guinea.

Pont de Dieu (God's Bridge), near Dalaba.

Most adults refuse to have their photo taken, so ya might as well have them take yours; Dalaba market.

Community garden, Dalaba.

Thugs in the making; on the roadway north to Mali-ville.

La Dame de Mali, natural and locally beloved rock formation, at Mt Loura, on the edge of the Masif du Tamgue, near Mali-ville in northern Guinea.

Dawn of the 38K hike day from Mali-ville down the escarpment to Dindefelo, Senegal, 12.5 hours away.

My baggage porter, who lasted about nine hours.

A narrow ladder.

Back down to the hot savanna. The cloudless, dusty, shadeless, water-free, hot savanna.

Mushroom termite mound. They are like concrete.

A remote family compound and member, at about hour nine.

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