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PUBLISHED: Links to selected published writings, listed by most recent publications.

October 2008: Transitions Abroad web-zine.
"Independent West Africa Travel Planner" (http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/travel/articles/west-africa-independent-travel-planner.shtml)

September/October 2007: Transitions Abroad magazine.
"Honduras on a Budget," p. 8; (http://www.terryredding.com/travel/pics/clips/ta_09_07.jpg)
"The Affordable Caribbean," p. 22 (http://www.transitionsabroad.com/publications/magazine/0709/

May/June 2007: "Travel in Honduras, Naturally," p. 8, (http://www.transitionsabroad.com/publications/magazine/0705/
), Transitions Abroad magazine.

August 6, 2006: "One Thumb Up for Japan," p. 1, Chicago Tribune, Travel Section.

August 1993: "Thailand's Floating Market, p. 77, Hemispheres magazine.

December 11, 1993: "Look Homeward, Hitchhiker," p. 1, Tampa Tribune, Baylife Section.

The following appeared in the travel section of the St Petersburg Times

November 9, 1997: "Writing the Rails," p. 1.

September 5, 1993: "Take a Hike," p. 1.
link to come

November 22, 1992: "A Furtive Trip Across the Border," p. 1
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October 11, 1992: "Stretching Your Travel Dollar," p. 1
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The following appeared in the travel section of the Orlando Sentinel

September 26, 1993: "Sunshine State Unfolds to Hikers on the Florida Trail," p. 1.

December 6, 1992: "Thailand's Hill Tribes," p. 1



UNPUBLISHED: Articles I have written that were never published.

Aegean Coast Do yourself a favor and spend some time in Turkey.
Ski Work How about working in an alpine ski resort area for the winter? If you're a good skier, it might be a bit of fun. If you can't ski, prepare to wash dishes... 1400 words
Penguins Penguins? In Australia? Fair Dinkum, mate. Who knew? 900 words
New Zealand Throw away the roadmap and just go. You're in the right place. 1100 words
Melbourne If your Australian journey needs a bit of posh, hang out in Melbourne's Victorian parks for a recharge. 900 words
Taman Negara Park In the center of peninsular Malaysia is a vast wilderness. They are trashing the rest of the country, but hear you get the full tropical rainforest experience. 2500 words
Ifugau Experience Rice terraces, headhunters, villages, and no electricity. Sounds like my kind of place. 2000 words
Sagada If the rice terraces aren't enough for you, stop in the village of Sagada, and check out the burial caves and other post-life experinces. 900 words
Torajaland Speaking of burial rituals, you ain't seen nothing until you've visited Indonesia's Torajaland on the island of Sulawesi. Really. 1500 words
Borneo Made Easy Borneo only sounds exotic. A visit need not resemble a full-on jungle trek. 1700 words
Kalimantan Primer OK, I lied. Borneo is a bit tricker on the Indonesia side, the various states of Kalimantan. But what is travel without challenges? 1900 words
Malaysia Overview Stuck between wonderful Thailand and interesting Indonesia. Malaysia gets overlooked. Give yourself a break here. 1800 words
Gateway Manila Some places, on the other hand, should be avoided, but can't be. Navigating the Manila you have, not the one you want. 700 words
Latin America
Paraguay River Boat If you are in Paraguay, how can you not take an old river boat? 1300 words
Navigating the Chaco In between Paraguay and Bolivia is a really big, really cold desert. Can you get there from here? Two words: Death Train. 1300 words
Old Alcapulco Do not miss a visit to the quaint old town of Alcapulco. Have a fruit smoothy under the mango trees in front of the church. 1000 words
Costa Rica Parks They make it so easy, how can you not like Costa Rica? Some notes on parks you might otherwise skip. 2400 words
Chiapas Mayas A practical guide to visiting Mayan cultural groups living in the mountains in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas. 1,900 words
Yucatan Mayas Visiting the remains of the Mayan culture, both human and archaeological, in the Mexican Yucatan. 1500 words
Manu All about how to visit the Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon. 1400 words
Globetrotter Facts How to be a travel bum for fun and profit. Well, at least for fun. All the nuts and bolts. 2200 words
Independent Travel Across Cultures Preparation tips on integrating into local cultures, and why it's a good idea. 2000 words
Disease and Ecotravel Some notes on the history of European disease in South America, and how you can put remote groups at risk today. 2200 words