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January 2010: "2009 AAA MA Career Survey Report," American Anthropological Association. (in press)

Summary: Lead researcher and writer for this year-long study into career trajectories of MA anthropologists.

July 2008: "Careers in 21st Century Applied Anthropology: Perspectives from Academics and Practitioners," American Anthropological Association.

Summary: Chapter author for "Mastering the Art of the Masters of Arts Program," Volume 29 in the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology Annals of Applied Anthropology series.

April 2008: Internal report covering workshop evaluation research for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters. This and related grants, proposals and reports are not publicly available.

November 2007: "The Population Challenge: Key to Global Survival," research paper, http://www.populationinstitute.org/resources/reports/challenge/, The Population Institute.

Summary: Researcher and writer for this volume, which involved synthesizing data and information from dozens of sources into a focused document.

November 1999: "Applied Anthropology and the Internet: Communication and Innovation," American Anthropological Association.

Summary: Lead writer and editor of Volume 19 in the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology Annals of Applied Anthropology series. This was the first-ever completely online publication of the American Anthropological Association. While access to the document is by subscription, an overview and abstract are available.

May 1998: "Integerating the Internet into Applied Anthropology," Masters Thesis.

Summary: My Masters thesis examined how the then-new medium of the Internet could be used in various ways as tool within the profession of applied and practicing anthropology. It was ground-breaking work at the time and was later developed into a volume for a national association (see above).

March 24, 1996: "Kelsey," p. 20, Omnibus 1996-1997, University of South Florida literary journal.

Summary: Personal reflections.