Terry Redding

An eclectic assortment.

Clamming My oldest friends, back in the day near the Skyway Bridge, digging for clams. Circa 1977.
More Clamming A more modern shot of the same group and others, at one of the few places that makes Tampa liveable, Skippers Smokehouse. 2009.
More Recent Friends Pammy, Martin and Kathy, some of my best friends in Washington. 2003.
Rafting On a little whitewater rafting trip near our cabin in North Carolina. Circa 1992.
Home My house in Washington on a nice summer day.
Fuzzy Butt The porch cat Fuzzy Butt, shared between several neighbors. Having a morning snack. Yummy.
Billy A good friend gone too early, Billy Goddard, near his home (Blue Hill) on the Maine coast near Bar Harbor.
Harbor A typical Maine harbor town, Stonington, near Blue Hill.
SfAA Group, 2005 Some professors and students of the illustrious USF Anthro Department at the 2005 SfAA meeting.
AAA Meeting Looking haggard as a volunteer at a AAA meeting, circa 1998.

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